2021 Photos

Sorting Packages for Christmas Giving

Dividing Gender and Size of donated pyjamas

Sorting Donations

In 2021, Oxford County Chapter of Power of HOPE Community Organization received over 1000 pairs of pyjamas for adults, youth and children. Here are the volunteers, dividing all the pyjamas by gender and size.

Unsorted donations of toys, games and other items

Unsorted Donations

In addition to pyjamas, Power of HOPE Community Organization receives lots of essential items for women, children and families in need as well as stuffed teddy bears, toys and other items. Tables are filled with all the unsorted items, which are then checked and also sorted according to gender and age.

Sorted Christmas Packages

Bagged for Distribution

Once sorted, pyjamas, stuffed toys and other items are packaged and gift wrapped ready for to give to families in need at Christmas. Packages are then placed together in black garbage bags, labelled and sorted alphabetically ready for families to pick up.

Want to learn more about hosting a toy drive or volunteering?

For more information about the Oxford County Chapter, to learn more about volunteering or hosting a toy drive, please contact Karen Geerts by email at woodstock@powerofhopeontario.ca or by phone at 226.228.1045.